“At Meeka Group of Companies, our ethos is rooted in compassion, innovation, and empowerment. We believe in harnessing the power of modernity to create a positive impact on industries and individuals alike. With empathy at our core, we strive to uplift communities and provide opportunities for growth and success. Through our unwavering commitment to kindness, we aim to build a more inclusive and caring society. As a young and aspiring company, we fearlessly embrace new challenges, pushing boundaries to make a meaningful difference. Meeka Group stands as a beacon of hope, dedicated to transforming lives, industries, and the world for the better.”

Our Core Businesses

Dredging & Construction

Dredging and construction is a specialized skill that involves excavating and removing sediment or debris from water bodies to create or maintain navigable channels. It requires expertise in operating heavy machinery and understanding environmental regulations to ensure the efficient and sustainable completion of projects.


The skill of Training & HR is a critical component of any successful organization, as it involves the development and management of the workforce. With expertise in areas such as recruitment, employee training, performance management, and employee relations, professionals in this field play a pivotal role in ensuring the growth and success of both individuals and the company as a whole.

Other business

The skill of Other Business encompasses a wide range of activities and strategies that are not limited to a specific industry or function. It involves the ability to adapt and excel in various business contexts, such as project management, market research, strategic planning, and financial analysis, to drive growth and success.


Ethos & Core Value

Modern: We embrace modernity and constantly stay ahead of the curve, utilizing the latest technologies to create innovative solutions and drive progress.


Empowerment: We are dedicated to empowering the B40 and M40 groups in Malaysia. Through our training programs, we equip individuals with the skills and abilities they need to succeed, providing them with opportunities for decent income and a better future.


Empathetic: We deeply care about the well-being of the public and are committed to making a positive impact on society. We foster empathy in all our endeavors, ensuring that our actions reflect kindness and compassion.


Kind: Kindness is at the core of our operations. We actively engage in community development initiatives and collaborate with soup kitchens to support those in need. Our goal is to create a more inclusive and caring society.


Aspiring: As a young and dynamic company, we embrace new challenges and aspire to create projects with a fresh perspective. We continuously seek opportunities to push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and make a meaningful impact on industries and communities.

Meeka Group of Companies:
Empowering Communities and Transforming Lives

Welcome to Meeka Group of Companies, a conglomerate comprising various entities specializing in HR & Trainings, Food & Beverage, Agriculture & Trading, Sand Mining, and Medical Devices. Since its incorporation in 2013, Meeka has grown from its origins in training programs, with close ties to HRDCorp under the Ministry of Human Resources, to a diversified group venturing into multiple business sectors.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the premier sustainable company that adapts to the latest technologies, changing lives and industries for the better.

At Meeka Group of Companies, we strive to be a compassionate organization that creates value for the B40 and M40 groups in Malaysia through groundbreaking training programs. We aim to uplift communities and empower individuals, enabling them to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Our Approach

Meeka Group of Companies boldly ventures into different business sectors and embraces new challenges without compromising the value of human relations. We prioritize the well-being of our employees, stakeholders, and the communities we serve. By harnessing the latest technologies and leveraging our experienced team of professionals, we ensure that our projects are managed efficiently and effectively.

Stakeholder Relation

At Meeka, we foster close relationships with our stakeholders that go beyond the corporate realm. We deeply understand their needs and actively engage with them to create mutual value. These strong partnerships form the foundation of our success and contribute to the positive impact we aim to achieve.

Sustainability & Growth

Based on the latest sustainability report of the Malaysian government, Meeka Group intends to ride on the growth of sustainability. We are actively involved in the development of renewable energy and food production initiatives to enhance food security. These pillars of growth are aligned with our mission of creating a more sustainable and prosperous future.

Meeka Youth Foundation: Yayasan Sinar Kasih (YSK)

Meeka runs a foundation called Yayasan Sinar Kasih, which is dedicated to assisting the needy and poor. Through countless programs, we provide support to those in need and actively participate in community development activities. Our commitment to social responsibility extends beyond our business operations.

The Group

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